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Air Bubble Aluminium Lamination

Surmount Insulator is a radiant heat reflective insulation material made of Polyethylene Air Bubble Film (ABF) laminated with Aluminum foil on the both sides. It is low e-reflective insulation material with a low mass to air ratio, which effectively blocks the radiant heat transfer. The Bright surface of the aluminum foil, which encases the polythene air bubble material, reflects 96% to 99% infra red radiation received by the surface of the heated stated roof.

The placement of the Radiant Barrier shall be in a manner to provide an air space below the roofing sheets or between vertical cladding for its effective utilization.
Features and Benefits
Pharmaceuticals Logistics warehouse Manufacturing units Airports Textile mills , Many more…


HMHD (High molecular weight high Density Polyethylene) laminate is Expanded Cellular Polyethylene Laminated with high molecular density Polyfilm and is generally available in thickness of 0.7mm ,1.00mm ,1.75mm and 2.00mm . HMHD Pouches ,Dust covers and Higher thickness can be made available on request . .We manufacture these products as per international standards and are also available in different colours.