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Air Bubble E.P.E. Foam Lamination Rolls/Bags

This product is an innovative and composite packaging solution for the automobile industry, air conditioning industry and for the handicrafts exporters.

We have examined and developed combination protective packaging solution made out of 3-layer i.e. Air Bubble film,plus ,Expanded Polythylene foam (EPE) for better strength and resistance against scratches,breakage ensuring lower rejection rate.
Packing Applications
Cushion Applications

Three Layer/Sandwich Air Bubble Rolls/Bags

SURMOUNT INDUSTRIES offers superior quality laminated three layer air bubble sheets. These sheets are very much essential in the packaging industry due to their excellent protective qualities. The entrapped air between the layers of plastic provides an EXTRA cushioning effect that prevents scratches and dents in the packed item. Bubble sheets are available in various lengths, sizes, colours and prints. They are manufactured with best technology to provide good quality.

The Sandwich Air Bubble Film offered by us is made by various laminated sheets depending on product uses and required thickness. Available in all grades depending upon product's technological and commercial value. It is useful against EPS / EPE packaging by its unique characteristic of grade. All special grades are available in standard sizes or it can be tailored as required by the client.