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Anti-Static Materials

An electrostatic discharge (ESD) is an electric charge stored on an insulating object and it cause damage to electronic equipment. ESD is a serious issue in electronics because integrated circuits are made from semiconductor material which can breakdown if exposed to high voltages.. Manufacturers and users of integrated circuits must take precautions to avoid this problem including the use of appropriate packaging material. STATIC is a natural occurance that is caused by variety of factors. Regardless of its origin ,any form of static control products is an effective solution to keep such products safe during transportation or storage.

Fortunately, at Surmount Industries we offer a number of effective solutions. Our Surmount Anti Static Air bubble Rolls and Bags offers the best protection currently available in the market . Also Anti -static EPE sheets are also available in Rolls and customized pouches .Anti static agents acts to reduce surface resistance and therefore dissipate high electric charge densities on the surface of plastics.

Application : Design to prevent good resistance to turboelectric charging and also cushioning effect to protect content from damaging physically.

Air Bubble Padded Mailer-Envelopes/Rolls/Bags

ABCP envelopes/Rolls are made from Craft Paper laminated Air Bubble film. Available in various sizes & GSM as per the requirement. This product is used to protect compact discs/floppy discs or any delicate & fragile item. Lamination of Kraft paper and A.B. increase strength and durability. In addition, you can easily unite and stick labels on our ABCP envelopes, making it a feasible alternative for Box containers.