M/s. Surmount Industries is committed to protecting and improving the working environment and employee safety and health in all of the company’s global operations, by seeking continuous improvements and periodic review of our management policies and objectives as they relate to our products and our operations. M/s. Surmount Industries sets forth this policy to provide a framework of common understanding and goals as part of our commitment to preserve and enhance the quality of life of our employees, customers and community neighbors, and rec-ognize that their safety and health is an integral part of all business operations. The implementation of this policy is a commitment of M/s. Surmount Industries management and a shared responsibility with our employees. We strive to achieve our environmental, safety, and quality commitment through the following guiding principles:


Management’s commitment to make this policy available to all employees, providing a better understanding of environmental, safety and quality issues; policies and programs to preserve and improve the environment; and the safety and health of our employees, customers, and communityneighbors.

Every M/s. Surmount Industries employee has a vested responsibility for the safety of their own and fellow employees; health, along with the obligation to meet environmental regulations, and provide a quality product to our internal and external customers. M/s. Surmount Industries is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of people around the globe both at work and at home!